Happy Valentine’s Day…and the winter blues…

We don’t have any Valentine’s traditions at our house, no cute breakfasts, nothing—kind of weird when I think about it!!  We just try to be nicer and write a little note to each other.  I don’t dislike Valentine’s Day, but I really dislike the time of year it is—couldn’t it be in July??  So the only thing I worry about on Valentine’s Day, or really any day lately—is just making dinner at all!!
I’ve got the winter blues—which has happened to me every winter since I was little.  Some years are worse than others, depending on how many gray days we have.  It does help tremendously that I live in the South and generally get a whole lotta sunshine.  But if we happen to have a few gray days in a row—I am toast!!  My husband knows this about me, and is great to step up and cook and do things that just seem so overwhelmingly difficult when I’m struggling with the winter blues.
So I AM going to make dinner tonight, even though I have two sick kiddos who are pitifully miserable today!!  I feel bad for them.  But the sun is out, so I am going to just do it and make today work!!  My favorite thing about Valentine’s day is that it means that February is almost over and that means Spring is on its way!!
I did manage to hang my valentine’s day bunting that I made last year….
I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day without any gray!!

Valentine’s Moda charm pack bunting

My mom and I have been quilting for years together, and we both love Moda fabrics.  And they come in these cute packs now called jelly rolls, layer cakes, honey buns, and charm packs that include all the fabrics in that line, all pre-cut and ready to create something fabulous.  Love them!  And it makes it so nice if you don’t live close to good quilting stores, because you can buy these “bake shop” goodies online and it eliminates fussing over trying to coordinate fabrics in a store.

I found this sweet Redwork Renaissance charm pack at one of my favorite quilt stores, Material Girls.  I saw a quilted bunting in the store and decided that a Valentine’s quilted bunting would be perfect for my fireplace.

I stamped the letters for BE MINE with burnt umber acrylic paint and my Making Memories foam letter stampers.

Then I cut out 3 hearts to use as spacers in between the words Be Mine and at the ends.  I put a small layer of Warm and Natural batting between two pieces of fabric from the charm pack and then pinned them to my red and white twine.  Then I sewed a square 1/4 inch from the edges, and sewed the hearts on to the spacer squares and it was ready to hang!

 I love the way it turned out, and it was a really easy project that didn’t take a lot of time to make:)

I am just going to say it….this bunting is Sew Sweet!