Lennon Jane Quilt Pattern…

Just finished a new quilt that I had to share…it has special meaning for me because I made it for my Aunt.  She has been there for me at every crossroads of my life and she is now fighting cancer.  I felt so helpless when I found out.  I live far away from her and my cousins, so I couldn’t even give them a hug!!  So I got busy sewing.  I wanted something that she could pass on to her granddaughter, so it needed to be happy and girly!!

Here is my new design in honor of my Aunt—the Lennon Jane Quilt…


PB James and Anna Tote Bag patterns…

We have had a ROUGH two months with Justin.  The poor kid has had two partial bowel obstructions, and a sinus infection.  So what do I do when I am stressed?!?!  Sew, sew, and sew…and get two patterns finished!!
The Anna Tote Bag pattern is a perfect beginning pattern.  It is what I use for my beginner sewing students.  The pattern itself includes color pictures for each step of the tutorial making this pattern easy to follow!!
My PB James pattern is a mini version of my PB Inspired Quilt for Little Miss.  I have had several people request that I make quilts to sell in my Etsy shop—and I have 2 of these PB James quilts almost finished!!  It is a great beginner quilt and is also very easy to follow.
You can find these two patterns, along with others, for sale in my Etsy shop.

Fat Quarter Shop.com pattern…

One of my favorite online fabric stores, FatQuarterShop.com is now selling my PB inspired quilt pattern!!! 
I am SO excited!!! 

 Click HERE to see…

They have WAY too many great fabrics right now—which is only a bad thing if you already have two quilt kits from them waiting to get done!!!  I have been up to my eyeballs in sewing projects and have 2 quilt tops done and 1 more that should be finished by tomorrow…I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been making!!  Off to sew…

Learning curve…

Let’s talk about the learning curve of starting a blog—nevermind, let’s NOT talk about it.  I am very grateful to my new bloggy friends who have filled me in on things I didn’t understand:)
But no one filled me in on the learning curve of listing an item on Etsy…SO!!  Let me just apologize if any of you went to purchase my Eliza Jane PDF Pattern for the PB Inspired Quilt, and found nothing there.  I have since remedied the problem and the pattern is ready for you to buy and get sewing immediately!!
As long as we’re being honest about learning curves, may I just be a cheerleader for one moment and say that if you are thinking about making this quilt—it is not too difficult—YOU CAN DO IT!!!  (imagine me dancing ridiculously to cheer you on right now)  And if you don’t have any sweet girlies to make this for, you can make a boys themed PB inspired quilt like I did for Justin.
Besides, I made the pattern really detailed, in the most OCD manner that I possibly could so that it will be a very pleasant, non-cursing experience for you:)  All the measurements of the strips and borders are done so you don’t have to figure any of that out on your own!!
Why did I do all that??  Less stress for you, and who doesn’t enjoy a shorter learning curve!!  Head on over to my Etsy shop and have fun making this quilt!

Etsy shop open with PB inspired quilt pattern…

It’s been a long week, and I’m exhausted…but that is overshadowed by the joy of finally getting the Eliza Jane quilt pattern done and listed at my Etsy shop!!  I am so excited!!  I’ve told my mom for years that I wanted to design quilt patterns, and after all the lovely comments on my PB inspired quilt for Little Miss, I decided now was a good time to pursue my dream!
You can click here to go to my Etsy shop to purchase your Eliza Jane quilt pattern–and make someone you love a very sweet quilt!
And in case you need a cute boy patterned quilt instead of girl…no worries, that is coming up next week.  You’ll get a sneak preview of how cute this pattern is with boy fabric tomorrow when I show off Justin’s quilt!!