DIY Angry Birds Catapult….Life Size!!

After we had our son, Justin’s Angry Birds Birthday party, and posted the pictures of our life-sized catapult on Pinterest—we have had a lot of people ask how my husband made this, and the dimensions.
So, FINALLY, here’s the dimensions!!
My husband used 5, 46″ 2X4’s for the 2 base legs and 3 cross bars (2 along the base and 1 across the bottom opening of the sling shot.)  The two vertical posts are 60″ 2X4’s.  Then for the 2 angled boards he cut both of them at a 45 degree and hey ended up being approximately 33”.  He used exercise elastic bands from a sports store and tied them to large eyelets, and then fastened them to a colander.
We have used this for scouting events, and neighborhood parties like our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt—and everybody loves it!! 

Easter weekend wrap-up…

Back in the day, I used to love decorating my bike and going on our church kids’ group bike parade in the summertime.  It was so fun lacing the crepe paper through the spokes of the wheels and everyone rode around the neighborhood—just priceless!
So last year, I decided we needed to do something similar for our kids, so I organized a Easter bike parade-Easter egg hunt in our neighborhood.  We had a great time last year, so we did it again this year and it was SO fun.
We have everyone meet at our house, and this year I made an outdoor bunting for the front of my house.  I love it because it somehow makes my house seem like it’s out of a Pixar movie;)
I bought cute springy fabric and laminated it with my Xyron machine and then sewed the bunting pieces to giant white ric-rac.
Here’s how it turned out…
If you want to see more about my spring balloon wreath click here.
We had a table set up on our porch with baked goods for everyone to share.  The weather was perfect and we were able to stay outside and socialize for a couple of hours.
The older kids in our neighborhood are such a great kids, and are always willing to help me with anything—they hid all the eggs for the younger kids and did whatever else was needed to help out.
So my hubby and I had the idea of bringing out the old angry birds catapult for them after the egg hunt—and they LOVED it.  I don’t know who loved it more, the men, or the kids!!  If you want to see more about the Angry Birds catapult and life-sized game click here


We had such a good time and Justin had a great time too and hung out with all of us, which was progress from last year.  Can’t wait for next year!!
And to top off the weekend, we had a great Family Home Evening devotional and Justin did great at church today and lasted a good 45 minutes!!  It’s great to celebrate life and be reminded of all the blessings we have because of our Savior.  I hope you all had a Happy Easter!!

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