Happy 15th Anniversary…

Life got out-of-control crazy the past few months, and it is just starting to settle down again….PHEW!!  We did reach a great milestone last month of 15 years of marriage!!  Here’s some pictures of that awesome day 15 years ago…seems like just yesterday!!
I couldn’t figure out what to give my husband for our anniversary.  We don’t ever go “all out” with gifts anyway, which makes it even harder trying to find something meaningful without spending a lot of money!!  I finally thought of getting our pictures taken together!!  We are always chasing the kids in our family photo shoots and can’t leave them for a second to get any couple shots, so I decided to ask my friend Kelly Harris to take our pictures.  She did a great job! Here is my favorite…
We rarely step away from the kids and go out together, it just gets so complicated with the Autism and the severe peanut allergy issue that we usually just stay home!! BUT!! It was our fifteenth anniversary, so we actually left the kids with my parents overnight—awesome break for us, and a restless night of chasing Justin for my parents!!  Did I say thank you?!?!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!  Because, it was so nice to step away for an evening.
I am super sentimental, if you couldn’t tell already, and I spent most of the day during my anniversary trying not to cry because of how blessed I feel!!  I love my husband—he is amazing and handles our stressful life with so much love, compassion, and patience.  Happy 15th Anniversary Sweets!!

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