DIY Angry Birds Catapult….Life Size!!

After we had our son, Justin’s Angry Birds Birthday party, and posted the pictures of our life-sized catapult on Pinterest—we have had a lot of people ask how my husband made this, and the dimensions.
So, FINALLY, here’s the dimensions!!
My husband used 5, 46″ 2X4’s for the 2 base legs and 3 cross bars (2 along the base and 1 across the bottom opening of the sling shot.)  The two vertical posts are 60″ 2X4’s.  Then for the 2 angled boards he cut both of them at a 45 degree and hey ended up being approximately 33”.  He used exercise elastic bands from a sports store and tied them to large eyelets, and then fastened them to a colander.
We have used this for scouting events, and neighborhood parties like our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt—and everybody loves it!! 

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