Board and Batten, how I love thee…my Dining Room

One of my favorite designers is Sarah Richardson—I love her style!!  I was watching one of her shows on HGTV and she showed a dining room with Board and Batten and I was hooked!!  I told my husband that we needed to do that someday to our dining room….and then I followed it up with, maybe someday SOON!!
Here’s some pictures of our dining room before—not the greatest pictures!!  I had a chair rail and had painted the entire room aqua.  It was nice, but I needed to break it up with some white, and board and batten was the perfect fit!!  This also shows my lovely, hand-me-down dining room table that my husband remodeled into an awesome farmhouse table!!
 My neighbor Marci moved in a month after I told my husband we had to redo our dining room—and she was a board and batten expert and had done it in her previous home!!  She got to work on her own house so quickly that I was lucky enough to go get tips from her before we started.
Remember her little boy’s nursery and the gorgeous board and batten grid she did??  LOVE it!!
We painted the walls white first, and then added the wood and molding, caulked and touched up the nail holes.  And ended up with a dining room that I absolutely love!!  I made the window valances and it was complete!!
Anna_jacqueline 070
My favorite thing about this look is how much light it brings into the room.  We haven’t done ANY board and batten in our new home—it’s on the to do list!!  But I miss seeing it in my old house!!  It was the perfect backdrop for our family celebrations…


I love the way my black chairs pop from the white board and batten…I can’t wait to put some up in my new house!!  Someday….it’s on the list!!


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