Justin’s ups and downs…

Raising a child with Autism is like riding a roller coaster—we always have our ups and downs.  These past few weeks have been full of both!! 
Justin has figured out that he is too big for me to lift anymore, so now if he doesn’t want to do what I ask, he just sits there and stares at me—with his fingers plugging his ears!!  That has been a challenge!!  Especially when he dropped to the floor at church and refused to move and I couldn’t find my husband…
But he has also done some fabulous new things lately.  He was invited to his first birthday party and went roller skating with his dad’s help.  And he LOVED it!!  He wrote on the birthday card too…
On the “up” side of things, one of Justin’s therapists has taught him the value of pointing for things that he wants.  He knows how to point, but usually ends up pulling at our arms to get us to go to the pantry or to show us what he wants.   Justin’s sweet little therapist told me she’s been putting Justin on her shoulders and talking him for walks during therapy and letting him tell her where to walk by pointing.  She’ll stop in the hall and say, “Where do you want to go?”  And then she waits for Justin to point and then she takes him that direction.  He things this is the GREATEST THING EVER!! 
One night Justin climbed up on my husband’s shoulders and I told him that he wanted to play the same game he does at therapy.  So my husband got up and walked him around the house and Justin squealed with joy the whole time and couldn’t stop laughing!!  It was SO sweet.  And guess what?!? 
I got it all on video—plus my precious boy saying hi to me…

Justin pointing

I love all of Justin’s therapists, past and present.  He’s going to be getting new ones for the summer and I have such a hard time saying goodbye to all of them!!  They will always be part of my “Team Justin.”  I am so grateful for their love of my sweet boy and all of their inspiration in helping him grow and develop.


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    This is so amazing, and brings tears to my eyes! Thank you for posting…my son is on the spectrum, and I’ve learned that the little things are the biggest joys.

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    Somedays are two steps forward and one back and other days are two steps back and one forward but it is all a journey. That is for Justin and for all of us. Justin seems like such a sweet child, love the video of him riding on his dad’s shoulders. Hugs

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    Oh Mommy! This is SO exciting! Aren’t the little things really the BIG THINGS?? You’re going to look back at this day as a real turning point – and you can watch it over and over again! Yay for technology (and awesome little boys!!)

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    precious! thanks for sharing! was thinking about you today and wondering where you have been! i love the birthday card…. sweet.

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