Etsy shop open with PB inspired quilt pattern…

It’s been a long week, and I’m exhausted…but that is overshadowed by the joy of finally getting the Eliza Jane quilt pattern done and listed at my Etsy shop!!  I am so excited!!  I’ve told my mom for years that I wanted to design quilt patterns, and after all the lovely comments on my PB inspired quilt for Little Miss, I decided now was a good time to pursue my dream!
You can click here to go to my Etsy shop to purchase your Eliza Jane quilt pattern–and make someone you love a very sweet quilt!
And in case you need a cute boy patterned quilt instead of girl…no worries, that is coming up next week.  You’ll get a sneak preview of how cute this pattern is with boy fabric tomorrow when I show off Justin’s quilt!!


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    I love that quilt!! Now I might have to make a new quilt for my granddaughter! I made all 7 grandchildren a quilt for Christmas last year. Your pattern would have been a great one to use. I am a new follower thanks for visiting my blog. Now I have to check out your pinterst:) I’ll be back

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    How pretty! I have 3 girls and I know they would love this. ;0) My middle daughter (4) is autistic and VERY attached to her special quilt that my mom made for her.

    Stopping by from the UBP and following your blog now.

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    Beautiful quilt! I definitely will be stopping by your Etsy shop.. it’s so wonderful that you are sharing the pattern for it:D

    Maysem @ Ode to Inspiration

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