The man wants a cookie!

We downloaded this great iPad app called Proloquo2go which allows us to choose icons that he likes and organize them so that he can choose what he wants and request it independently.  There is an audio voice that speaks the name of the picture icon and so the iPad will speak the sentence Justin creates, like “I want-Sprite.”  You can choose what kind of voice you want as the default so it can be male of female.  We have a male voice programmed as the default and it is similar sounding in style to the Movie time listing male voice you get when you check the times on the phone.  And if you are too young to know that movie times used to be checked on the phone, please don’t tell me!  Anyway, this Proloquo app is AMAZING!!  So I picked up Justin from therapy the other day, and on the way home I was daydreaming about all the things I needed to get done and all of a sudden this electronic “man voice” from the back seat says, “Cookie!…..Cookie-Cookie!  I want….I want Cookie-cookie-cookie!”  I could not stop laughing.  What an amazing blessing this little iPad is to give my little cookie-monster Justin a voice and the ability to request his needs.  So great!

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