Dr. Seuss Pillow Beds

It’s pretty safe to say that Pinterest has changed my life. The jury is still out on whether it has changed it for the better or not.  It can bring me happiness on a gray day, OR….it can bring on an attack of crazy creative manic-ness!!!  There are just so many fun things to make out there and so little time!  As was the case this past Christmas…
Every year, at the end of fall, I sit and romanticize how I will have a completely home-made Christmas and we’ll all work hard diligently for weeks and have the glorious reward of the kids exchanging beautifully handmade gifts for each other and then Ma will serve hot soup from the fire and Pa will get out his fiddle and start playing…..yes, I dream of a Little House on the Prairie simple Christmas!  It doesn’t turn out quite like my dream, but after my 12 hours nap on Christmas after I’ve caught up from my sleep exhaustion, I love that I’ve made something for my family members with my own little hands.
So I saw these pillow beds from No Rest for the Creative, on Pinterest and
I really wanted to make them for my kids.  We have just recently reached a point in our family, with the different ages of our kids and with my son’s Autism, that we can all watch a movie together with minimal drama or escaping children.  I knew the beds would be another enticement to “sit tight” (as my dad would say) with the family throughout movie time.
I went to my local sewing store, which I have to say is slim pickings as far as fabric selection, but it must have been my lucky day because they had Dr. Seuss fabric there!!! I bought some from the shop, and then came home and bought some great coordinating fabrics from Fabric.com

I am a little obsessed with Dr. Seuss stuff!! After I spent some time drooling over these whimsical beauties, I finally decided to back them with a Dr. Seuss red stripe for contrast.  My mom always says, “It needs more contrast!”  Then there were a few embarrassing trips to Kohl’s where I had to buy 16 pillows to make four movie beds (imagine carrying 8 pillows at once, by yourself, or stacking them in a cart in their lovely slippery plastic covers and them falling down a few times before you make it to the checkout).  But after a few weeks of late night sewing, I did get the beds finished before before Christmas

And because I am a little neurotic and I couldn’t let some of the extra fabric go to waste…I did end up making 4 coordinating movie blankies backed with minky fabric

I loved the way they turned out, and it was a fun surprise for the kids on Christmas morning!  We’ve had fun watching movies on them and they really are super comfy!
Now onto some other projects with this fun project to be posted later…

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